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ERA Prometheus - The World's First Attainable Certified Millionaire Tourbillon


The timepiece that started an horological revolution -- raising $1.5 Million USD with thousands of happy customers worldwide, our ERA Prometheus is a certified millionaire Tourbillon timepiece that performs on par with any entry-level Tourbillon in the world, and yet is attainable to just about everyone

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ERA Prometheus Automatic Edition - Our Original Masterpiece Upgraded In Every Way


How do you improve upon a legendary timepiece?  We start from scratch and remake the movement into our ERA-004 Calibre movement that is entirely Platinum-Plated on the inside, add our perfectly balanced signature ERA Tourbillon cage, and turn the entire look into a monochromatic color scheme.  We added an engraved rotor on the back so the timepiece is completely automatic now and can charge itself with the kinetic energy from your wrist.

Externally, we added some truly premium options with a brand new brushed bezel that is expertly treated with the highest tier of Physical Vapor Deposition: Diamond-Like Carbon layering, or DLC for short.  We also offer a Platinum Plated Case as well

Here's How Our Automatic Versions Look:


ERA Poseidon - A Swiss Made Diver Truly Unlike ANY Other


Off the heels of our game-changing ERA Promtheus Certified Millionaire Tourbillon timepiece, we set out to make our spin of the world's most popular type of watch -- the diver.

The ERA Poseidon contains the ultra-rare wandering hour complication and is water resistant up to 1000 Meters, with a Domed Sapphire Crystal, Helium Relief valve, and everything you would expect from a true "deep diving" watch.

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ERA Hyperion - The World's First Hybrid Wandering Hour + Tourbillon Timepiece


What if you wanted more? Wanted something impossible: like the rarity of a wandering hour AND...the luxury of a tourbillon. No watch has EVER had the BEST of both these worlds. 

So facing impossibility, we turned to the one place with infinite possibility -- the Cosmos. And here among the stars, we found inspiration to create the world’s first: wandering hour tourbillon -- The ERA Hyperion.

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ERA Solaris - The Minimalist Unisex Tourbillon Timepiece With An In-House ERA-003 Calibre Movement


Completely re-designed from scratch in collaboration with our master watchmakers, our ERA-003 Calibre Tourbillon movement comes with all the hallmarks you would expect from a legendary mechanical masterpiece.  As fully automatic movement, the back rotor has been fully decorated with Côtes de Genève, better known as Geneva Waves -- a stamp and symbol of the extreme level of expertise that has gone into forging the movement.  

On the front, a completely customized ERA Tourbillon cage has been carefully constructed from scratch to be completely symmetrical in weight, as even a fraction of a gram of unbalanced weight would lead to a non-functioning Tourbillon timepiece.

Expertly designed with a minimal solar flare theme that is perfect for both men and women alike, the Solaris is a perfect 40mm in size to fit any wrist perfectly.

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ERA Notus - Elegant Dress Watch With In-House ERA-006 Automatic Movement


For Some, perfect simplicity is the Ultimate Luxury. But Tourbillons of that style, have ALSO been VERY expensive.

So, we went back to our master watchmakers; only this time, we channelled our passions into Pure Simplicity.

The result: the world’s first accessible - and Elegantly Simple Tourbillon.

Made EXACTLY like other tourbillon watches, your Notus comes with a custom made, platinum-plated cage, bearing the ERA insignia. 

Such detailing on the watch’s heart is a true mechanical marvel.Like operating on our human heart, the tiniest of flaws would prove fatal; so this resulting design had to be a perfect balance of weight, size, and shape. 

Over on the caseback, a luxurious Côtes de Genève finish glazes the in-house movement: the ERA-006 caliber.

Like the V12 engine of a supercar, the ERA-006 shows the value and complexity of your superwatch. 

Explore Our Supreme Dress Watch Below:


ERA Aion - The World's First Attainable All-Sapphire Crystal Case Tourbillon

What does it take to be the flagship product of ERA Timepieces? The ERA Aion is a Sapphire Tourbillon hand-carved out of a block of sapphire crystal that is the size of a baseball over the course of 200 hours. Every single inch of the case is made out of sapphire glass, which is one of the hardest substances in the world. To fully appreciate the beauty of the case, we developed the ERA-005 Calibre, which is an in-house movement we made that strips away everything except JUST the few core elements needed to run the timepiece.

Explore Our Flagship Timepiece Here:


ERA Zephyr - Our Take On A Truly Iconic Watch

With a waitlist of over 8 years and cartel-like shenanigans that lead to an overly inflated price, we decided to make our take on an iconic timepiece, and we think it looks just as good.... down to the details.

See How It Stacks Up:

Our Simulated Tourbillon Timepices

In 2018, we made the Million Dollar tourbillon 100's of times less expensive.

Unfortunately for some, it is STILL too expensive.

When 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and when 40 percent can't cover a $400 dollar emergency...

When the Worldwide Household Yearly Income is only $10,000 - We must make More Millionaire watches -- ACCESSIBLE.

So after months of work, we finally had a breakthrough. It came NOT from hardware...but from design.

We simulated the tourbillon mechanism but kept the look and feel of a 6 figure timepiece

The result: a series of timepieces with a tourbillon experience NOT for thousands of dollars but for only hundreds.

ERA Odyssey - Quadruple Calendar Open Heart Simulated Tourbillon


Wonderfully symmetrical and with three subdials for the day, date, month and year - complexity is everywhere on this Quadruple calendar. 

The striking granular dial sets the elegant tone. Rich in texture - it is also stepped, adding an unmistakable Depth to its face.

This lower plane has an exposed subdial, revealing its intricate mechanical soul. The oscillating parts are on full display but the real treat is the blade and tri-spoke. These triple-spinning, triple-layered complications combine sensationally into a perpetually. moving. trifecta. 

At the middle, the Dauphine hands are a mechanical fascination all on its own. Fluted down the center and creased with a judicious angle, these faceted time tellers contrast against the dial and are powered by a crown engraved with the ERA logo.

Circumscribing these details is a generously sloped, dome style bezel. 

With complexity continuing down to the high-polished, smartly beveled caseband. Echoing the dial, the top of the lugs are also stepped creating strident character along its profile. 

Check Out What Makes The Odyssey Special Below:


ERA Aegis - Guilloché Dial Simulated Tourbillon Experience


Worn with traditional grace, the opulence of the Aegis lies in its Obsessive attention to fine detail.

Starting with the dial, it is decorated in an exquisite guilloché motif. With great precision and intricacy, master artisans hand-engrave this opulent texture. The remarkably detailed process results in an other wordly level of decoration and a watch no one else will be wearing.

Further distinguishing the dial, the markers are set upwards from the center horizontal axis. Railroad tracks trace the minutes, while diamond polished, faceted applied indices mark the hours -- doubled indexed at 12, stubbed at the 5 and 7. 

And at 6 o’clock is a subdial with its own railroad track indicating the seconds. The openly rotating gears anchor the watch while providing a rare glimpse into its beating mechanical heart. 

At the middle, the Dauphine hands are a mechanical fascination all on its own. Fluted down the center and creased with a judicious angle, these faceted time tellers provide a high contrast against the dial and are powered by a crown engraved with the ERA logo.

Turning our attention outward, an unmistakable coined edge radiates from the bezel and adds another dimension of textured refinement. And with another coined edge on the back, the high polished case is Stately layered. 

Even at the edges, the Aegis continues to show sophistication through detail. Flared lugs and small footlike steps reinforce its noble spirit, while the expert and sharp case lines exude powerful competence in any situation.

Check Out What Makes The Aegis Special Below: