June 01, 2020

With over $766,968.00 USD raised, the ERA Prometheus is the most successful Tourbillon project ever on Kickstarter and the #1 most successful watch project EVER from New York City!

We all want millionaire watches. You know the kind.
Watches so unique, they are instant conversation starters.
Watches so expensive, they stun the room and make people whisper our name.
Watches with that ONE thing that make them cost more than a house -- the Tourbillon.
Put a tourbillon into any watch — the price explodes: Six Figures. Seven Figures. 
The world’s most expensive watches??
No surprise - they are all tourbillons.  
Want to buy a tourbillon for five figures? 
Good luck. 
The New York Times says that is almost impossible. 
Clearly tourbillon watches are out of reach for me and you, for nearly everyone. 
Yet...do they have to be? 
When you think about making a more inexpensive tourbillon, simply “cutting out the middlemen” or “eliminating manufacturer markup” won’t bring down the price of tourbillon watches. 
Those are overused marketing buzz words for making yet ANOTHER “affordable luxury” watch. 
This is harsh language but it needs to be said. Any brand that talks about “cutting middlemen” and selling true luxury watches “direct to consumer” is telling you a nice fairy tale. 
It sounds nice in practice but it isn't based in reality whatsoever. 
Because in reality: a basic minimal watch with a turnstile Miyota movement can NEVER be a luxury watch.
It's putting lipstick on a pig. 
You are paying a “luxury” price for craftsmanship on par with a Walmart bargain bin watch.
What you’re getting isn’t “affordable luxury”, you’re paying $270 for a fabricated story and $19 for a cheap watch.
This isn't bringing you affordable luxury - it is robbing you. 
Fortunately, or unfortunately for us, we just saw that tourbillon watches really ARE 6 or 7 figures. 
Again if that sounds insane - I agree with you 100%. 
But what is even more insane, what will REALLY make you mad...is the reason they are so expensive. 
And the reason is all too familiar; a small group is controlling nearly everything. There is actually a "secret watch society” actively price gouging high-end timepieces and stopping us from wearing what we want.  
To uncover this unfairness, we first need to see why tourbillon watches are intrinsically so valuable. Only then can we know and what is or isn’t fair to pay for them. 
Here’s why they will always be pricey...
Manufacturing Precision 
In order to make a tourbillon, expert machinists use million dollar equipment like the Willemin 5-Axis. These machines give form and function to finest of raw materials. 
This machine transforms precious metals into the cases, bezels, fasteners, and dials of your tourbillon watch.
Want an ultra high-end watch?  
Then you need high-end watch parts.  
And high-end watch parts can only come from high-end machines. 
A tourbillon cannot be built in an environment that is less than perfect. 
Every piece is made precise and accurate. 
The margin of error is only microns. 
But these are JUST the watch parts.
We haven't even begun the Grand Ballet of Watch Assembly yet.
100s Of Hours Of Detail
Because you see, after machining, these intricate parts are hand-worked. The attention each piece receives walks a fine line between obsession and passion. 
You don’t just have one watchmaker dedicated to making your timepiece. A small army of master horologists add hours...and hours - of laser focused, hand-crafted detail.
And It takes 100s of painstaking hours to make ONE tourbillon. 
Yet hyper-focused eyes and minds are not enough. To successfully build a tourbillon timepiece, you need the most important ingredient of all.
Watchmaking Mastery
Master watchmakers are the only ones capable of building a tourbillon. 
Only through years and years of training, practice, and learning can they tackle complications such as minute repeaters, grand sonnier, and the tourbillon.
Because for these elite artisans, it isn’t just watchmaking. 
They approach their craft like its heart surgery. 
And this tourbillon assembly? That’s a HEART TRANSPLANT.
If all this seems excessive, remember - NOTHING about a tourbillon watch is supposed to be “affordable” or “normal” or “accessible”.
From the million dollar equipment, to the surgically precise watch parts
From 100s of artisanal labor hours, to the world-class fingers of the horologists:
A Tourbillon IS the supercar of watches, 
A marvel of engineering,
And... expensive.
But does it really have to be THAT expensive? Does it really have to be THAT ridiculously priced? 
We believe no watch should be beyond our grasp. ERA represents the first way to finally access ultra high end watches. We are the only solution to the question:
How Do You Buy Millionaire Watches For Under $1500?
Hopefully you are skeptical. Knowing how tourbillons are now made, how is it even remotely possible to buy them for 3 figures? 
Great instincts. 
Remember that watch “secret society” we mentioned earlier? The one purposely keeping you away from the watches you love, purposely holding you back. Lets expose them. 
See, the ultra-luxury watch brands are making fools out of you and me. We are being lied to and manipulated by a select group of corporations, AGAIN. 
Remember: we just saw that only elite watchmakers can build a tourbillon.
But... the ultra-luxury brands control the world’s elite watchmakers.
So, you want a tourbillon watch? 
No problem. You can get one through a luxury watch brand and they will charge you anywhere from $100,000 to even $1,000,000 dollars or more.
Don’t like that price?
Too bad.
Who else is going to make the watch for you?  The luxury watch brands control the world’s elite watchmakers.
If that sounds like an unfair monopoly or cartel -- you’re right. It Is 
But here at ERA, we want to finally break this monopoly and we are in a unique position to do so.
Having first worked as luxury brand distributors, we got to see “behind the scenes” and how things worked in the watch industry.
More importantly after years of networking and forming strategic partnerships:
We got to know the same master watchmakers who build tourbillons for the luxury brand cartel
By partnering with these same master watchmakers, we broke through the cartel wall.  
And together with these master watchmakers, we finally made the world’s first ever accessible tourbillon. 
In Greek mythology Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind.
He took from those with unlimited power, and shared a gift that was meant for all.
Inspired by this timeless myth, we made a tourbillon watch attainable for all.
Made EXACTLY like other tourbillon watches, the ERA Prometheus comes with a lower half, exposed mechanism.
Here we see the balance wheel, pallet fork, hairspring: watchmaking virtuosity in full display.
Other than the show-stopping Tourbillon, the ERA Prometheus has even more complications that you would expect from a 6-figure watch.
Every timepiece is detailed and engraved with gears and other flourishes. Such as a 24 hour GMT Timer on the left and a dual revolving sun-moon dial on the right. 
All these mechanisms are housed behind beautiful sapphire crystal and a special made stainless steel body. 
As befitting for a watch of its caliber, the Prometheus also features a hornback leather croc style band that is stitched with premium midnight blue threading.