ERA Odyssey - Quadruple Calendar Open Heart Tourbillon Experience

Dial Color
Rose Gold
Strap Style

In 2018, we made the Million Dollar tourbillon 100's of times less expensive. 

Unfortunately for some, it is STILL too expensive.

When 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and when 40 percent can't cover a $400 dollar emergency...

When the Worldwide Household Yearly Income is only $10,000 - We must make More Millionaire watches -- ACCESSIBLE.

So after months of work, we finally had a breakthrough. It came NOT from hardware...but from design.

We simulated the tourbillon mechanism but kept the look and feel of a 6 figure timepiece

The result: an ERA tourbillon experience not for thousands of dollars but for only hundreds

Wonderfully symmetrical and with three subdials for the day, date, month and year - complexity is everywhere on this Quadruple calendar. 

The striking granular dial sets the elegant tone. Rich in texture - it is also stepped, adding an unmistakable Depth to its face.

This lower plane has an exposed subdial, revealing its intricate mechanical soul. The oscillating parts are on full display but the real treat is the blade and tri-spoke. These triple-spinning, triple-layered complications combine sensationally into a perpetually. moving. trifecta. 

At the middle, the Dauphine hands are a mechanical fascination all on its own. Fluted down the center and creased with a judicious angle, these faceted time tellers contrast against the dial and are powered by a crown engraved with the ERA logo.

Circumscribing these details is a generously sloped, dome style bezel. 

With complexity continuing down to the high-polished, smartly beveled caseband. Echoing the dial, the top of the lugs are also stepped creating strident character along its profile. 

Ships in April 2020